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Because do wealthy members of the family can't have a gossip, this big S clearly not meet the criteria of wealthy families. So, Cheap Gucci Belts to take big S old still issue. Wang in the beginning of the performance out of tolerance, but then slowly close to its mother tone, sure enough, naked ban came from his mouth. Next, wang doing? Tintin you also clear, but the wicked will not done by wang, will only be done by his mother Cheap Gucci Belts, Cheap Gucci Belts turn into me, a lost main role, she would not let her son's image in front of everyone is damaged, after all, wang will be her the heir to the estate. And wang will eventually break up to mother life difficult violations and big S,
complete their mother-child director hype at the end of the play. Poor big S, she may not understand, marriage can be dealt with, but also can deal with divorce certificates, because all is only a piece of paper. Besides, after the marriage certificate is dealt with from folk wedding still has some way to go, even if held the wedding ceremony, for the merchant's wang mother and child, then? As long as you don't have any use value, when the learned that lee shau kee, happy of impending, immediately send a red envelope to 1300 employees, one of ten thousand yuan, and contributions to ringha hospital donation of 20 million yuan, total sent a total of 33 million yuan, take a perennial one million head. For the people of Fake Gucci Belt, gave birth to son said happinesses, pleasing to lee shau kee, of course, finally an heir own hundreds of billions of property, money finally have a way out.
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But, for marry Peter lee, a surrogate gave birth to the third, let a person have three associations. The first lenovo, li gentleman not to marry, his mental is there a problem? Is natural to the lonely, this is the normal thing, especially for the lee family, does not exist the problem of can't afford to marry, there is no more can't find suitable for their beauty, but the firstborn of gentleman is li li, his marriage should be the lees, of course, the first priority, but li nearly 50 years old gentleman, why don't you get married? Whether psychology has a problem? This had to let a person to extrapolate. Second largest lenovo: li gentleman choose a surrogate, whether there is something wrong with the physical? Want to have children, to get married, this is the general rule, unless there is something wrong with the physical. Now, Peter lee does not get married, but a surrogate, enough to evoke his physical problems, at least not line of sex capabilities, otherwise, he could not yet married and surrogacy gave birth to their offspring. Third largest associations:
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