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PORTLAND Lions Teez Tabor Jersey , United States, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- Chinese and U.S. armies ended their 13th annual China-U.S. Disaster Management Exchange Table Top Exchange (TTE) and practical field training Sunday in Portland Lions Jarrad Davis Jersey , Oregon on the western U.S. coast.

Zhang Jian, army commander of the Southern Theater Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Women's Jake Rudock Jersey , said at the closing ceremony that the exchanges between Chinese and U.S. armies on humanitarian disaster relief and rescue have boosted their mutual trust over the past 20 years.

China and the United States, as two major powers in the world Women's Taylor Decker Jersey , should work hand in hand to jointly respond to risks and challenges, and make their due contributions to human development Women's Nick Bellore Jersey , said Zhang.

The Chinese army is willing to work with the U.S. side to deepen their practical cooperation on non-traditional challenges such as humanitarian relief and disaster management, in a bid to safeguard world and regional peace and stability Women's Jeff Locke Jersey , he added.

Robert Brown, U.S. Army Pacific commander Women's Miles Killebrew Jersey , said on the same occasion that the U.S.-China exchanges on humanitarian disaster management carry vital significance for deepening the practical cooperation between China and the United States as well as their militaries.

He expressed the hope that the United States and China will continue their joint efforts to push forward military-to-military exchanges, academic discussions and practical training on humanitarian disaster management Women's Anthony Zettel Jersey , so as to further improve their coordination capabilities in joint response to disaster relief and rescue operations.

Brown said he is confident about closer cooperation between Chinese and U.S. armies in the future.

The week-long training began on Nov. 13 at the Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Facility of the Oregon Army National Guard in Portland, the largest city in Oregon.

More than 100 servicemen and servicewomen from the PLA Southern Theater Command Women's T.J. Lang Jersey , the U.S. Army Pacific, Oregon Army National Guard and other units took part in the training aimed at improving response to natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes Women's Darren Fells Jersey , in which both armies were requested to provide humanitarian assistance.

1. Produce effective legislation to promote development and help ensure good governance

The law is of great value to the governance of a country, and good laws are a prerequisite for good governance. With a view toward putting in place a socialist rule of law system with Chinese characteristics, the 12th NPC and its Standing Committee have conscientiously exercised state legislative powers, enacting, revising, repealing, and interpreting laws as necessary. By grasping and following the principles of legislative work, we have been able to continuously improve it.

In reviewing the experience gained in recent years, we have realized that to do our legislative work well we must adhere to the following principles:

First, uphold the Party's leadership over legislative work. We must work in line with the objectives and tasks set by the Party Central Committee for China's legislative work. The Leading Party Members' Group of the Standing Committee must promptly request instructions from and submit reports to the Party Central Committee on major issues and matters in legislation.

Second, allow legislation to play its guiding and driving role. We must remain committed to coordinating the advancement of both rule of law and reform and to ensuring rule of law and rule of virtue work in concert with one another. We must instill core socialist values into the development of the rule of law, and develop the rule of law to provide a guarantee for the country's reform, development, and stability.

Third, ensure the NPC plays its dominant role in legislative work. We need to improve legislative systems and mechanisms, strengthen organization and coordination in relation to legislative work, and make this work more timely, systematic, targeted, and effective.

Fourth, legislate more effectively and democratically. In line with the idea of putting the people first in legislation and making legislation for them, we must build up broad consensus on legislation and ensure that legislative bodies properly fulfill their important role of voicing, balancing, and adjusting the interests of different sectors of society.

This coming year, we will better adhere to the above mentioned ways of thinking, principles, and methods, given their proven effectiveness in our legislative work. We will strengthen both legislation in key areas and work regarding the enactment, revision, abolition, and interpretation of laws related to reform. We will raise the quality of legislation and ensure that the objectives and tasks set for legislative work are met and accomplished.

First, we will carry out the decision and plan of the Party Central Committee on deepening reform of the national supervision system. This means that we will revise the Law on Administrative Supervision to turn it into a national supervision law, so as to provide a legal guarantee for our efforts to put in place a centralized, unified, authoritative, and highly-efficient national supervision system.

Second, we will improve the legal system with a view toward building new systems for development. After issuing the General Provisions of Civil Law, we will step up our work on compiling the individual books of a civil code. We will strengthen protection of civil law rights and improve our system of laws and regulations concerning equal protection of property rights. To ensure law-based taxation, we will formulate laws on specific taxes, such as a tobacco leaf tax law and a tonnage tax law. To improve the modern market system, we will work on establishing an e-commerce law and revising several laws, including the Anti-Unfair Competition Law, the Law on Promoting Small and Medium-Sized Enter.