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If you have cargo that you need to take with you on a flight then the most reliable way to do it is by making use of cargo aircraft charters. With mainstream airline companies the restrictions as to what you are allowed in the cargo hold and how much weight you are allowed is not very accommodating. There are many advantages to be had by using an air charter service Cheap Neal Sterling Jersey , especially if you have precious cargo that the flight would be pointless without.

For instance, if you are in a rock band then you will need all the musical instruments to be with you as you make the journey to your next gig. Or if you are going a holiday that requires a sizeable amount of equipment such as skis or hiking gear then ideally you would have it on the same aircraft that you are travelling on for the peace of mind that you will know it will be there with you when you land.

What type of people use air charter services?

There are many uses for air charter services and therefore the clientele of those companies is very varied. It could be a whole sports team that needs to be transported to a game or a family that is seeking help with relocation. If you think that you could benefit from the services of an air charter company then get in touch with one and ask them if they can help you with your transportation needs.

Air charter services allows for a speedy delivery

Mainstream airlines are frequently susceptible to delays and even cancelations. This can cause you all sorts of inconveniences if time is an issue for you. Air charter services on the other hand are very reliable in terms of meeting delivery deadlines. In fact they are very accommodating because they can take off with very little notice. So if you have cargo that needs to get transported right away you can do that with an air charter company.

A good quality air charter company can sort out the paperwork

Transporting cargo to a foreign country requires all sorts of paperwork to be completed correctly. Otherwise cargo release from an airport may be delayed or even rejected depending on what it is and what country it has landed in. A good quality air charter company can take care of the paperwork every time so that problems will not arise causing a delay to the delivery time.

Handing your precious cargo over to cargo air charter services may be a big deal for you so before choosing their services do some due diligence on them to make sure they are experienced and well-respected. For your peace of mind it is a good idea to choose an air charter company that can provide insurance coverage on any damage that may occur to your cargo. BEIJING, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) -- Chinese cinemas' box office hit a record high of 5.49 billion yuan (897.5 million U.S. dollars) in July, official figures show.

An office in charge of film funds under the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) said on Saturday that a total of 159 million people went to cinemas last month and box office revenue this year has totaled 25.85 billion yuan.

The office said the new monthly record owes much the success to Chinese films, which raked in more than 5.2 billion yuan, about 95.6 percent of the overall figure.

The three biggest earners -- live-action animation "Monster Hunt," animated feature "Monkey King: Hero is Back," and comedy "Jian Bing Man" -- took up more than 60 percent of the ticket sales.

The SAPPRFT last week announced that "Monster Hunt" has overtaken 2012 low-budget comedy "Lost in Thailand" to become the most successful domestic film of all time in box office income.

According to a U.S. box office count, "Monster Hunt" has also outperformed Hollywood productions "Minions" and "Ant-Man" in total box office gains.

It is estimated that the film earnings in China last month exceeded the yearly numbers from 2002 to 2005 combined.

As with national holidays like Lunar New Year and National Day, the month of July has long been a busy time for cinemas as most Chinese schools and universities start their summer holidays in the month.

Over the last five years, the summer holiday period has contributed about a quarter of the annual box office takings.


There has been much discussion about the role of Chinese movies in the July figures, as they had little foreign competition last month.

"It is true that domestic films lacked an international competitor in July," said a Chinese movie critic who insists on going by the name "Tubingenmujiang."

"However, the need to go to the cinema is not a rigid demand for people, and if the films being shown are not good enough, audiences may simply choose not to see them," he said. "In fact, China has experienced fallow seasons when fewer foreign movies were on screen and domestic films failed to attract movie-goers."

China started to import American movies in 1994 and competition between domestic and overseas titles has grown even more intense since 2012, when China announced a significant increase in its quota for overseas movies.

In 2014, about 70 percent of the top 30 films in North American were screened in China.

"Proper protection for domestic productions is needed so Chinese films are not stifled as they bud," said Tubingenmujiang, "but protectionism should be limited so Chinese movies don't become hothouse flowers."

Observers also attributed the success of domestic films to the country's "Internet Plus" strategy, which is encouraging Internet firms to integrate with other industries.

Most of the best-performing films in July featured investments from Internet enterprises, and the novel Internet finance mode of crowdfunding also weighed in.

The credits of "Monkey King: Hero is Back" listed as producers 109 children, whose parents pooled money to aid the movie's marketing.

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