China Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheets factory

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ProductsPpgi corrugated board, ppgi wave metal tile
Material GradeSGCC / SGCH / DX51D+Z / DX51D+AZ, etc
Width665mm/ 680mm/ 840mm/ 850mm/ 900mm/ 910mm/ 1050mm/ 1250mm
LengthAccording to the customer's requirements, transportation requirements are generally considered, and the length is less than 12m
TechniqueHot rolled steel coil > Cold rolled>hot dipped galvanized>corrugated
Surface treatmentZinc coated,Precoating
PackageWaterproof plastic sheeting, kraft paper and iron sheet wrapping. The outside is fixed with iron bars.
Ppgi corrugated board, hot-dip galvanized sheet, hot-dip galvanized sheet, etc. as the substrate for color-coated galvanized steel coils. After the surface is normalized, the surface layer is coated with one or several layers of organic chemical building Paint and then bake dry solid objects. It is also famous for rolled steel sheets for various organic chemical architectural coatings in different colors, commonly known as PPGI roofing sheets. So what are the characteristics of painted boards?
Color-coated sheets have the following product characteristics: excellent performance, strong corrosion resistance, long service life of galvanized sheets; excellent heat resistance, less fading than galvanized sheets at high temperatures; excellent heat reflectivity; Galvanized sheet has similar production processing performance and spraying performance; excellent welding characteristics. It has excellent cost performance, durable features and competitive prices.

The ppgi roofing sheet made of red color coated steel plate is corrosion resistant and has high strength, which can cope with all kinds of weather. Its color is bright and eye-catching, which can make people notice it from far away places. As a fence building, it can warn people in advance, while as a building, its bright and striking color will firmly catch people's eyes.

Corrosion resistance, high strength, able to cope with all kinds of weather. Its color is soft and bright, which can match with other dark building materials in the building. Eliminate the oppression caused by dark materials and make buildings look bigger, brighter and sacred.

High strength and high weatherability building materials, corrosion resistance, easy processing and installation. Rice gray and beige are colors that give people a warm feeling. If you want your building to feel warm and comfortable at home, they are definitely an excellent choice.

China Galvanized Corrugated Steel Sheets factory
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