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Sealing protection solution
Introduction of Gummed paper tape machine
Water-activated tape, otherwise known as gummed paper tape dispensers, generates an immediate, strong bond resulting in a superior seal on corrugated cartons. Starch based adhesives are applied to reinforced paper stripping that becomes active when wet. A water-activated tape dispenser provides a simple and fast way to size, wet and cut water-activated tape for closing corrugate cartons.
Feature of Gummed paper tape machine
鈼?Tape can be fixed in length and outputted automatically .
鈼?30cm tape can be produced per second.
鈼?Multi working mode:
鈼?Single mode: select different length to produce the selected length tape.
鈼?Automatic mode: select one length and all the rest with same length to be produced automatically .
鈼?Fixed mode: select several different sizes and produce the tapes as per the setting order.
鈼?Manual mode: Press and hold to produce the tape continously.
鈼?Brush position with heating function to enhance brushing effect.
鈼?Powered off automatically when cover open锛?/p>
鈼?The display shows the current paper output length;
鈼?Size can be adjusted slightly.
Flexible operation andaccurate quantitative
Adjustable sealing range, suitable for all carton sizes.
Customize the logo to enhance the brand image
Specification of gummed paper tape machine
Speed:30CM /S
Tape Width<80MM
Tape Length<200M
Advantage of gummed paper tape machine
鈼?The upper cover can be pulled up, the tape can be easily replaced, time saving, simple and convenient
鈼?Import cutter
鈼?Imported material cutter, flat cut, not easy to damage, long lifespan
鈼?LED display
鈼?Visible length setting
鈼?High safety
鈼?Built-in cutter, infrared sensor to prevent injuries
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