Students learning

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As far as the students are concerned, writing is a huge task that they need to undergo during their academic days. None of the students can avoid the task of writing assignment as it is part of their learning process. Professors used to ask students to write down many academic papers to meet their learning requirements. Writing will help students to learn better some subjects, and therefore, they have to manage writing as per the instructions given by the professors. When students write research papers], essays, and other academic papers, they learn how authors often present their arguments, ideas, thoughts, and evidence. Students who process course material through writing keep hold of that information longer, enhance critical thinking skills and turn into more toned readers and writers. The more writing completed in a course, the more the student connects with the material in the course. Writing is a procedure of carrying out critical thinking and a product that commune the results of critical thinking. Students will enhance their writing skills in a variety of ways, but mainly from practicing reading and writing. Writing persuades students to observe learning as a procedure of exploring ideas and passing on their knowledge.