Christianity and Classical Culture in Ancient Rome

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The relationship between Christianity and classical was in some respect similar and contradict which means that the essay will discuss the similarities and difference in context. The law of nature, respect of governance, statues and prediction of a saviour these factors shows that the relationship between Christianity and classical culture was similar which therefore can lead one to say that it was intertwined. However on the other hand contradictions also can be found between the classical culture and Christianity taking into consideration monotheism in Christianity contrary to polytheism in classical culture. Also the fact about how the world came to be that is creation of the world and also worship of emperors in classical culture which contradicts with Christianity. Therefore one need to note that the relationship was not an obvious guess but also help one to define Christianity today.

Culture also includes the systems of ideas that we build up: science, philosophy, economics, politics, theology, history, and the means of teaching them, education: schools, universities, seminaries. Indeed, it includes all our corporate bodies and draw a religious similarity between Christianity and classical culture as the religion of Christians teaches followers to respect their government which is the same in classical culture. Therefore one can argue the relationship was similar and this can be evidenced to the emperors who viewed themselves as divine kings for instance Paul urges Christians to obey governments because God was the one who set up those governance. This is supported in classical culture when emperors forced people to worship them and claim divine rule over all people for instance Augustus. More so this was because religion plays a crucial role in binding the society together. Therefore one is able to argue that the relationship between Christianity and classical philosophy was intertwined to some extend because both cultures benefited or achieve the unity of the society in a greater way.

A Christian by definition is a person who believes in and strives to live as Jesus Christ would live. Christianity is not an organized religion, it is not a certain denomination, it is a way of life.    Church Retreat