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Airstream caravan

Wecare team is specialized in airstream caravan travel trailer to provide comfortable and economic living and working experience for you. Welcome to share your building ideas with us! We are ready to bring your project ideas to life!
We can make anything inside of the car as long as you imagine! Just think and contact me!
Great things come in small packages. Our travel Trailer can be towed by just about most vehicle. It is easy to hook up and is always ready for an adventure.

Overall size 5600*2100*2100 mm
Trailer size 4000*2100*2100 mm
length of traction frame 1600 mm
Overall weight 1300KG
carrying capacity 1500KG
Rated speed 80km/h
Axle Seamless steel pipe
Leaf spring Five pieces of damping steel plate
Power 8KW
Trailer brackets Folding jacks
Body material Rectangular steel tube
Chassis material Steel profiles
Standard configuration Double bed, restroom/shower, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, locker, built-in kitchen, AC, vertical refrigerator, exhaust fan, TV,microwave oven,stereo
Optional configuration External electric sunshade,Electric steps,range hood,2000 Ma battery
Superiority 1.High-availability interior space
2.Mature technology
3.Diversity of layout styles
Customized service will always be available in our factory. such as different dimension, material, style parts and etc. welcome to contact us for build your ideal dream trailer
Our small camper trailer has all the necessary decorations inside. Such as DVD, TV, lifting table, folding seats, Induction Cooker, Cooker cabinet, Alcohol stove, washing pots and foldable water-tap, washroom, Exhaust fan, bed, cabinet, refrigerator, Awnings, air conditional, Range hood, karaoke, etc.
With this car, you can travel anywhere as you want. You can cook, wash, shower, doing business, sleep, and even have a party!

The lightweight attachment to let one carry travelling stuff including motorcycles, mountain bikes, ATV, etc.
Travel trailer also has drop down steps and beds. The rational size kitchen is enough for you to present a wonderful meal for your travel mates or family.
The insulated metal interior walls, floor and one-piece roof makes it a safety, quiet, warm and sweet place to be in.
Inside the caravan arrange beds, tables, cabinets and some cookers according to the bedroom. Body can be pasted or sprayed with publicity words and patterns,also can choose to spray a variety of colors. Two side windows and right side open door鈥榮 positions can be selected according to the internal layout. The roof of the caravan can be selected to install overhead air conditioning or skylight; The roof can be installed or not installed luggage rack. In front of the car, you can choose to install a luggage toolbox or an air conditioner. The car has a bathroom and toiletries.

Noted: Price depends on size and configuration
1.The Body size and color is not fixed, you can have your own size and design. Customization is available.
2.Any uncertain trailer design, don't be hesitate to talk to us.
you can custom made whatever you want, such as trailer size,configuration, inner layout, AC, air vents and etc.
so if any great idea, just feel free to Contact US (^v^)

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