"hero in battle" bug report

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Dear Players,

If you met the bug of "hero in battle", in another words, your hero is stuck for an unexpected while and no return longer. please email me to support@ejoygame.com

title: "hero in battle" bug
  server name:
  lord name:
  stuck hero name:
  coordination of city
The subject was excuted Theme Top / Cancel operation by Administrator Torres at 12/2/2010 10:10:42 AM
kingory Europe

here we go again, troops are getting stuck in battle! Yey, last time, u just made all the fight resume....

I will spamm the support email telling u NOT TO RESUME THE FIGHTS because it is gonna be in the middle of the night, either, send us a mail telling us in advance when the bug is gonna be fixed and the fights resumed, or just cancel those fights all together.
FOr 3 days its one bug after another, if having a promotion means that the game doesnt work, just DONT DO ANY!

ahh come on meee is right there im stuck to this isnt good

server name:4 eu
  lord name: iowadude
  stuck hero name: mack
  coordination of city 115 285

Server name: eu 7
Player name: Dreamer
Hero name: Bra.74
city coords stuck in: 88.214 (in the arena)
time stuck: 12:50 kingory time, 12-05-07

please fix this, and could i have merc back somehow?