Kingory Inter 8 VIP Program !

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Dear players,

Thanks for your support and passion to Kingory! Now we launch a new VIP program for Kingory Inter 8.


Junior/Senior VIP from other server will be transfered into Inter 8. The diamonds charged in other server will NOT be counted for higher level VIP.

VIP players get monthly rewards on the first day of each month(except this month), get one-time/unique reward once reach the qualification of higher level. One-time reward means players can get them only once, unique reward means these items are only available here.
Reward of each level VIP could be changed in later patches, VIP players will automatically get new reward, as well as new one-time/unique reward.

We strongly recommend players who need to transfer VIP to regist themself via Email, the regist deadline is 11/18/2012 23:59:59(Kingnory time), all reward will be delivered after regist deadline.

The VIP level and charge sum of players are privacy, players can send us a email for inquirying their own information.

More Info:
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Yes, Yung Lo

Today all vip gifts sent for august. Thanks

Original posted by roger at 8/17/2011 6:55:00 PM
Wow, one month and vip was canceled??

VIP is not canceled !

Original posted by koree at 8/20/2011 1:16:00 PM
So we will still get VIP every month?  Will we be getting different items for September?

Yes, you will get VIP every month !