Win10 "Final" Versionc

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I had a WinXP for a lotta years. Obviously. I really didn't know what I was getting into with purchasing a PC with Win10. It appears that this OS is still in beta, or at least isn't finalized.
So whatever the value of my suppositions, I wonder what I have here. Some of the older functionality, such as using hotkeys, seems to be missing. Where can I find an explanation of what this is, and if I'm right, when it will be finalized? And whether my having bought an OEM version entitles me to update when the commercial version is released?
Thanks very much for any help with my mystified condition.

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It seems to me that Windows 10, even if it is a new update, does not exceed Windows 8, since the new functions that this new update brings by essay typer research, are clouded with all the errors and things to improve that come from the factory.