Manchester United made no progress before I take it over

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Mourinhoin the summer to replace Van Gaal became Manchester United coach, recently VanGaal suddenly fired Manchester United, said Manchester United ruthless,carrying his own "private" Mourinho. cheap fifa 18 coins And Mourinho subsequentlyresponded that since Ferguson retired, Manchester United has not progressed.
Mourinhosaid, "the other clubs are improving, but Manchester United did not. Inall the areas that will allow the team to succeed, I think we have stopped, itwas a very blank period of the club, There is no progress in the field, and thepressure on the players, the coaches, the boards, and even the club owners isvery big, because it will be a heavy burden when you get used to winning avictory and suddenly stop.
Indeed,Ferguson after retirement in 2013, whether it is Moyes or Van Gaal, failed tolead the Red Devils to create greater glories. Moyes coached the team only wonthe Premier League seventh, Moyes also in the middle of get out of class. AndVan Gaal did not fulfill their own and Manchester United's three-year contract,although led his unit to win a FA Cup, but Van Gaal's Manchester Unitedoffensive ability is bad, was the Red Devils fans rage as "boring."
AfterMourinho took office, Manchester United's performance has picked up. Lastseason, Manchester United won the European Cup, League Cup, Community Shieldthis little three crown, and won the Champions League qualifying this season.And after the start of the season, Manchester United in the Premier Leaguebefore the four league 3 wins and 1 plot 10 points, the highest in the standings.Obviously, Manchester United with Mourinho to replace Van Gaal is the rightchoice.
Nowonder Mourinho confidently said, "Now we have better working conditions,better medical departments, better analysis departments, better scoutingdepartments, better media sector. In the case, we did not change the originalstaff, which is very important. "See Mourinho gradually led his troops ontrack, I believe Manchester United fans will feel very happy, cheap fifa coins and look forwardto him and Sir Alex Ferguson For the Red Devils to bring more trophies.

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