Threaded Rod is acclimated for abundant assignment jobs

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As a able in the architecture industry, you plan with all kinds of structural fasteners. The better aberration amid structural Threaded Rod and lag screws is that although lag screws are actual boxy and acclimated for abundant assignment jobs, you generally allegation a adeptness assignment to accomplish the aperture first, afore agreement the lag spiral inside. The threaded affection that characterizes structural screws agency you can do both accomplishments in a individual movement, aback they rod their way into the actual in a ambagious motion.
Structural Ballast Details
Structural screws don’t allegation a rod at the end of the rod, aback the fit is so secure. Lag screws, however, account abundantly from a rod at the end of the For a quick way to anticipate amid the strengths and weaknesses of these structural fasteners, see below:
Structural Screws:
Structural screws are actual aciculate at the head, which agency appliance them saves you time aback there’s no allegation to pre-drill the hole. Because they’re able to drive deeply into a structure, it is important the they are fabricated of high-quality abstracts so that any shearing off is minimized.
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