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And christian louboutin heels for sale Alexandria Hilfiger Shows Us Her Closet Fashion blog Stylelikeu has enjoyed a cult following of diehard creatives in its short existence, but now it's going mainstream: The Huffington Post style section just syndicated it, and a goes on sale April 5.
That's big news for the New Yorkbased site, which gets 1.2 million page views a month. HuffPo style gets near 40 million, according to a Stylelikeu spokesman. But the partnership doesn't mean christian louboutin outlet founders Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum will forsake their devotion to all different types of peoplenot just PYTswho express christian louboutin pigallethemselves through clothing.
"Part of the power of the christian louboutin pumps on sale site and part of the power of making people feel happy within themselves is equating everyone who has a story to tell and who is open and collaborative and creative and thinks for themselves," Goodkind says.
"We're looking for someone who doesn't buy into things outside of themselves. It's that person who if you see them walking christian louboutin shoes on sale down the street there's just something. Like if you saw another person in that outfit it might not attract you in the same way that person does, because there's something about who they are in the clothes rather than what the clothes are."
Most of the people featured on Stylelikeu are superstylish street kids, New Yorkbased designers, stylists and fashionworld insiders. Lately though we've seen names pop up that may be more recognizable to middle America. (Mandelbaum says they'll remain equalopportunity bloggers: "If they're wellknown, that's great. If they're not wellknown, that's awesome as long as they have good style and they're individual christian louboutin daffodile pumps and they have something to say about it.")
The latest installment features a pompom clad Alexandria Hilfiger (top) showing us Andesinspired christian louboutin flatstrimmings, Lanvin jewelry and Christian Louboutin shoes. She cheap christian louboutin shoes also talks about taking sartorial inspiration from India, Afghanistan, Turkey and France. Crucial to her look, she says, is defining it apart from her father Tommy's work.
"I didn't want to be my father's daughter," she says. "The stereotypes that are placed on you when you have a certain family or background are so christian louboutin peep toe shoes harsh and most of the time untrue. I always try to stay away from that."